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Five ways to improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant

1. According to the production capacity , transport distance, line and road conditions of the concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to equipped with sufficient transport vehicles, generally to prepare 1.2 times the number of production needs.
2. Except to the mixing time and time utilization of asphalt commercial concrete mixing equipment production slaughter , there are many other factors to affect the productivity of commercial concrete mixing machine such as the productive organization, the management and operation quality of the equipment. And the technical situation of the equipment operation and the preparation of the transport vehicles of raw materials also have obvious affection on the guarantee and the improvement of the productivity;
3. To strengthen the maintenance and management of the commodity concrete station equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition and accord with the national environmental law requirements. Establishing the strict maintenance testing system and preventive measures can help to fix them timely.
4. The sufficient capacity of finished material storage can help to stop the special reasons which can shut the concrete station equipment down.
5. To inspect the sample of the raw materials. Different specifications of the aggregate (including powder) need to be stacked separately. And also need to prevent dust and rain. Asphalt heating need to be timely and to maintain a certain temperature. Aggregate storage capacity should be more than 5 times the amount of daily consumption and powder storage should be more than 2 times the amount of daily use.
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