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JZC mixer and JZM mixer four points difference

JZC mixers and JZM mixers are all roller-type concrete mixers, both of which are forward and reverse mixing, but they are essentially different. What are the differences? 
1. Drive in different ways
JZC mixer by the gear drive, in the mixing cylinder outside a circle of gear, and then click the other end of the installation of a pinion, the motor rotation, the pinion drive large gear rotation so that the mixing tube kept rotating, work is stirring, Reverse the material.
JZM mixer with rubber roller friction drive, with a small noise, smooth operation, operation, easy to move, stirring a good quality, high production efficiency, especially for urban residential residential construction.
2. Raise the motor differently
JZC mixer is from the fall of the concrete mixer, the drum is rotated by the gear, JZC crawler drum mixer mixer and the hopper share a motor.
In order to ensure the efficiency and quality of feeding, JZM friction concrete mixer on the hopper has a separate motor, you can guarantee the speed of feeding.
3. Different models
JZC mixer models are: JZC250 / JZC350 tipping bucket; JZC350 diesel-type mixer; JZC350A / JZC350B / JZC500 crawl style.
JZM mixer models are JZM350, JZM500 and JZM750.
4. The thickness of the stirring cylinder is different
Compared to JZC mixer, JZM series of mixing cylinder wall thickness is high, usually Baidu to eight cm. General industry default JZM JZC series of products to increase the thick version of type.
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