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What are the key points to consider buying concrete mixing stations?

1, the scale of production, according to the scale of production scale production of concrete mixing equipment production capacity. Annual production capacity of 200,000 m3 or more, the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment is generally 120 m3 / h; annual output of more than 300,000 m3, the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment, the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment is not less than 90m3 / h; Typically 150 m3 / h or 200 m3 / h.
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2, the construction site, according to the construction site selection of low-cost concrete mixer size. The concrete mixer is characterized by two raised to the aggregate, more flexible layout, manufacturing and installation cycle is short, the cost of one-time investment is less, but the plant area is poor production environment.
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3, accessories equipment, according to the annex to select the concrete mixer specifications and operating size. Mixer loading capacity and discharge capacity should be matched with the mixer, improper cooperation will affect the work efficiency. The feed capacity loader should match the height of the feed stage of the concrete mixing station.
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4, management, the use of intensive network management, network management should consider the concrete mixing equipment, to avoid future upgrades difficult.
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5, manufacturers reputation, including strict installation and commissioning; technical guidance and training in place; timely service; spare parts supply is enough.
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6, cost-effective, comprehensive technical performance Pursuit of equipment is unwise, unnecessary investment will increase, but only the pursuit of low investment and reduce equipment costs and technology to improve the use of performance, this method is not desirable. A more reasonable way is to choose the appropriate cost performance.
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