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Mixing station centralized control, installation and commissioning to do fine can improve production efficiency?

If you want to improve the economic benefits of concrete mixing plant equipment, improve the productivity of commercial concrete is the inevitable way. So you have heard of the mixing station equipment control system and equipment installation and commissioning, do fine can improve the unit productivity method?
Usually improve the unit time of concrete productivity is to replace the mixing host, but because of the replacement of large models of forced mixer, the entire equipment to be replaced, the investment cost is relatively large, for the financial strength is not very strong business is a necessary burden. Today we provide a kind of economic, simple and practical way.
We take the simple HZS120 mixing station (hopper feeding), for example, first, the installation of the ingredients to be ready to do with the mixing hopper convergence, and adjust the distance to not appear to sprinkle the best; second , The cement warehouse, screw conveyor (screw), cement weighing, mixer inlet is best sealed; third, debugging equipment to reduce the time of convergence, especially the aggregate into the hopper after lifting time and hopper to achieve the highest unloading Material time to be refined, the shortest time, convergence for the best flow.
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