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HZS75 concrete mixing plant is the main component

HZS75 concrete mixing station according to the process can be divided into: steel structure, feeding, batching system, mixing system, electrical control system, gas system and other components.
First, HZS75 concrete mixing plant steel structure
Steel structure mainly includes chassis, outrigger, upper bracket, track, walk Taiwan, control room bracket, the upper ladder and other components.
Second, HZS75 concrete mixing plant mixing system
HZS75 concrete mixing station mixing host using JS1500 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, for aggregate size less than or equal to 80mm of various types of coagulation solid.
Third, HZS75 concrete mixing plant for the feeding system
Feeding system is mainly aggregate supply system: by the PL2400 concrete batching machine feeding mechanism and weighing system, etc., can be equipped with three kinds of aggregate. Feeding system: from the hopper, the feeding frame, rolling field agencies, the trip switch and other components. The rest are cement tanks, cement and water supply systems and their metering systems.
Fourth, HZS75 concrete mixing plant electrical control system
HZS75 concrete mixing station electrical control system mainly by the console and AC contactor as the core of the strong control of the composition. The console is the central controller for the entire mixing station. Using the current domestic most advanced mixing station control system. Can be completed four said ingredients, lifting, mixing, unloading production process of automatic, semi-automatic control. Only one person in the operating room to complete the operation.
5, HZS75 concrete mixing station of the gas system
The air supply is supplied by the W-1.0 / 10 type air compressor, the water is filtered, and the air after the refueling is passed through the air supply. Sub-air bag into the slip road.
HZS75 concrete mixing plant for medium-sized construction sites, prefabricated plants and commercial concrete production plant. Machinery companies also supply various models, specifications of the concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer. Welcome to inquire to buy!
Related question and answer
HZS60 concrete mixing plant with bucket belt it?
As a lot of customer mixing station site has a lot of restrictions, so the bucket belt is a good solution to this problem.
JS500 concrete mixer of the supporting range and selection requirements are what?
(1) The machine should be equipped with rain shelters. (2) equipped with AC 380V three-phase four-wire distribution power supply. Power supply wire should choose heavy-duty plastic sets of electronic cable YHC type, 500V 3 × 10 1 × m ㎡.
(3) equipped with water source, (no water supply place, should be equipped with water and capacity of more than 15 tons of water pool 1). (4) on the mix of concrete selection of mixer feed and transport.
Which model is good for the concrete station How many models?
Under normal circumstances, and 35 stations supporting the use of spiral pump, models are mostly LSY219 * 8M and LSY273 * 8M two models.
JS750 concrete mixer which brand is good? Manufacturers still do not know what kind of good
Domestic production JS750 concrete mixer manufacturers are more professional manufacturers have strength, for example, XINFENG, TRUSEEN, and so on.
HZS60 concrete mixing plant to install their own? Or manufacturers will come to install?
Do not recommend users to install such models of the mixing station, are manufacturers to arrange technical staff to the user site to guide the installation and commissioning work.
How much transformer does the HZS90 station need?
A HZS90 mixing station production line, in addition to mixing equipment, electricity, coupled with other power equipment, the proposed customers to build the transformer, not less than 200KW.
JS1000 concrete mixer configuration details? What are the essential core parts?
JS1000 is a separate independent work of the concrete mixer, in addition to stirring the body, the lifting sector, electrical parts, frame parts, electronic control, etc. are essential to the configuration.
JS1500 concrete mixer to enhance the power of how much? What is the general
JS1500 concrete mixer to enhance the power of the motor, most manufacturers choose to use the domestic 18.5KW motor.
What is the weighing accuracy of the concrete 35 station batching machine? Directly related to the concrete is not meet the requirements
According to the relevant industry standards, gravel aggregate weighing accuracy allows the error range is: ± 2%, the rest of the raw material weighing accuracy is: ± 1%
Zhengzhou Xinfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. Main concrete mixer, concrete mixing station, stabilized soil mixing station, concrete batching machine, concrete conveying equipment, please call to discuss!

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