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What are the specific characteristics of environmental protection large-scale mixing station?

1. Eliminate pollution control
① dust control. Environmentally friendly large-scale mixing station with matching dust collector, automatic collection of dust, and the collection of dust automatically into the production system metering use to reduce the secondary pollution of dust; in the gravel field configuration sprinkler, reduce the operation of gravel The dust.
② wastewater treatment. The environment-friendly large-scale mixing station is equipped with gravel separation machine and slurry recovery system. The waste water and waste residue produced by the mixing station operation are separated from the gravel and gravel. The gravel enters the sandstone field and the waste water passes through the waste water Re-enter the production of water systems, to achieve waste water, waste zero emissions.
③ noise control. Environment-friendly large-scale mixing plant using a uniform sand and gravel system to reduce the motor power and reduce noise; the whole station using low-noise motor system to reduce the impact of noise on the environment, vibration equipment and other equipment connected parts are arranged shock pad, Vibration noise.
2. cut off the transmission route
The most effective way to cut off pollution from environmentally friendly large-scale mixing stations is to isolate the source and the surrounding environment effectively, and to control the pollutants in a limited space, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.
3. beautiful
Beautiful environment as a large-scale large-scale mixing plant based on the requirements, it can be said that the environment-friendly mixing station is mixing technology, environmental technology and architectural art of the perfect combination of modern factories. The whole station structure with a sense of beauty, coordination with the surrounding environment, planning a reasonable.

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