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Mix station price difference behind the story

Yesterday, I plant to a user to consult the price of concrete mixing station, through understanding, they feel the price of our mixing station is too high, even a difference can have 50,000 dollars! Why users understand the price of concrete mixing plant will be so much difference?
Here I come for a simple analysis of the reasons:
Reason one: low production costs. If the use of different materials, sheet metal manufacturing equipment, while production costs, labor costs are low, then the price difference; but the current market terms, the basic price of steel has bottomed out, high labor costs, low production costs, Low is also very limited.
Reason two: old equipment was reworked. If the equipment is second-hand equipment repair, then the price of mixing equipment is not the same, of course, the quality of second-hand equipment uneven, need to carefully choose.
Cause three: "he wants to lie to you". I use online friends made a sentence is "low price of concrete mixing station, when the payment is happy, the back are uncomfortable. High prices, the payment of uncomfortable, behind the use of happy."
Above only represent my personal point of view, please do not condemnation. Production enterprises to the price of concrete mixing plant to compete for the means is not long, but should be to improve the quality of concrete mixing equipment and services as a fundamental to improve the production rate for the user to create real equipment to win the market.
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