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What should the aggregate required for concrete agitation be selected?

What should the aggregate required for concrete agitation be selected?
 Concrete mixing requires powder, aggregate, water and admixture. Aggregates include coarse aggregates such as pebbles, gravel, etc., as well as fine aggregate sand and so on. Aggregate in the role of concrete is as a skeleton or filled with granular loose material. In the building from the skeleton and support role. In the use of concrete mixing plant equipment for the production of commercial concrete, raw material selection and matching method is very important.
When the stone strength is the same, the gravel surface area is larger than the pebble, and it is stronger than the cement mortar. Thus, gravel is usually used as a coarse aggregate for the commercial concrete configuration during construction. But the specific ratio to control within a reasonable range, the concrete has a higher volume stability and durability, reduce the cement slurry clean, dry shrinkage and other adverse effects.
The choice of fine aggregate should be preferred thick, medium river sand as well. Fine sand is fine, the content of particles, in the case of the same water-cement ratio, fine sand mixing concrete used in concrete than the use of coarse sand more than a lot of compressive strength will decline, and anti-freeze and anti-wear Will be relatively poor.
The choice of aggregate requirements must first be sufficient strength, dense texture; and then be clean enough to go out of harmful substances and impurities, through the relevant standards. There is the granule grade of the aggregate to be appropriate, the appearance of the shape also affect the ease of the mixture and the strength of concrete, rough surface aggregate mixing of commercial concrete is poor, high strength; Smooth surface of the aggregate and cement bonding poor, mixed with the commercial concrete easy to work, but the strength is slightly lower.
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