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concrete mixing plant—Concrete mixing plant for sale

Concrete mixing plant is a joint centralized means for mixing concrete, also known as precast concrete field. Because of its mechanization, high degree of automation, productivity is so high, and to ensure the quality of concrete and cement savings, commonly used in concrete large projects, long duration, the site focused on large and medium-sized water conservancy, electricity, bridges and other projects. With the development of municipal construction, centralized mixing, mixing station to provide ready-mixed concrete has great advantages, which have developed rapidly, and to promote concrete pumping construction, to achieve mixing, transport, pouring mechanical joint operations to create the conditions. Concrete mixing station is divided into sand feed, powder feed, feed additives and water, stirring with four transmission portion of the storage device Tongshen overall steel casting, high-quality H-beams not only look nice, but also to strengthen the overall structural strength, concrete mixing station equipment installation convenience, can be applied to a variety of complex terrain structure. Concrete mixing station with good stirring performance, the device uses helical twin-shaft compulsory mixing console, not only the mixer can be strong, for dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete can achieve good stirring effect. Stir and high efficiency. Zhengzhou Xinfeng is specializing in the production of large and medium construction machinery manufacturers, main products are the mixing plant, concrete mixing station, concrete mixing plant, concrete batching machine, concrete transport truck, cement plant, screw conveyor pump and other large and medium-sized products, widely used in high-rise buildings, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, bridge erection engineering. We have been pursuing specialization, always adhere to the quality first, customer first business policy. For more information please

Zhengzhou Xinfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. Main concrete mixer, concrete mixing station, stabilized soil mixing station, concrete batching machine, concrete conveying equipment, please call to discuss!

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