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Does the long term usage damage the mixer's wall?

Does the long term usage damage the mixer's wall?
Today, a user come to the factory to buy the mixer and asked:"Does the long term usage damage the mixer's wall" In fact, many new users in the beginning will have such a question.The actual situation is the mixing station main mixer's wall will not be damaged. Because the manufacturers has been taking into account this issue in the actual mixers.Because the mixer's wall uses wear-resistant materials like high manganese chromium alloy synthesis of the wear-resistant tablets and reamer.You can purchase the mixer wear-resistant pieces directly and replace it.
However, according to the reaction of the user, we summarize some of the regular needs of wearing parts:
1, forced mixer inner wall wear-resistant tablets;
2, the mixer shaft.This is the least likely to be damaged, because it is a solid shaft, if yours isn't a solid shaft, please contact the manufacturers;
3, the mixer reamer tablets;
4, limit switch;
The above wearing parts are using wear-resistant materials, Xinfeng Machinery warm reminder: the user can prepare those parts in advance according to their actual situation.
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