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Common fault treatment of Concrete Mixing Station conveyor

Common fault treatment of Concrete Mixing Station conveyor
1, Belt Deviation The reason:
(1). Adhesive mud on the roller, so that the friction between the belt and the roller is not uniform.
(2). Too little weight or belt too loose.
(3) material blanking is not in the middle belt.
(4). Belt elongation uneven.
deal with:
(1). Remove the silt on the roller.
(2). Increase the weight or by adjusting the screw to tighten the belt.
(3). The material falls in the middle of the belt.
(4). Adjust the belt conveyor.
2, care stick does not turn or abnormal sound.
Cause: Roller bearing is damaged.
Remedy: Replace the bearings.
3, trailer wear wear.
Reason: use a long time.
Remedy: Replace idler.
4, scraping sand board wear.
Reason: use a long time.
Remedy: Replace the wiper plate.
5, belt tear.
Cause: Mechanical failure.
Treatment: Adhesive repair is available for minor tears.
6, belt elongation.
Reason: long-term bear tension.
Treatment: cut short belt, and then curing adhesive curing.
7, then hopper rubber flange wear.
Reason: use a long time.
Remedy: Replace the rubber ribs.
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