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70-year-old uncle to open a supermarket, monopoly expired food, but people buy a long queue

Has never been charity,
But mutual respect.
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Daily Table
In the corner of Boston
There is such a seemingly insignificant supermarket.
In addition to the front of the Daily Table signs,
Outside the shop without any fancy ads.

But into the inside,
You will be surprised by this mysterious supermarket jump,
Not because it is how gorgeous decoration,
Nor is it because it sells goods more special.
But because of the price of goods, all 2.5 fold off

Carrot, 29 cents a pound

Four corn 39 cents,
Together with the RMB 2 6.

Bright and attractive apple,
49 cents a pound.

A box of Kung Pao chicken,
Not even 10 dollars.

Such a price,
Not to mention in the United States,
Is difficult to find in China.
The shop is full of dozens of cents a pound of goods

Is the owner to do public welfare
Do "frenzied"?
In fact, not the reason why so cheap,
Is because the store is selling soon expired
Or expired a day or two of food.

The owner of this store is in front of this
Dressed in simple, bearded old man
He called Doug Rauch, 70 early,
Slovenly, their appearance is not Yang,
But you can not look down upon him.

He is definitely a legend in the US retail industry, said he was involved in more than half of the US retail market are no exaggeration.
Starting from the clerk, he spent 31 years, to create a national chain of high-end supermarkets Trader Joe's, now the brand in the United States 41 states with 459 stores.

Although Doug's business,
Supermarkets in good order, rapid expansion,
But he has been strictly followed
In the high-end supermarket business philosophy:
Ugly, non-compliance, just expired food,
All drained.

He never felt that this is something wrong, until the retirement of some boring at home, to read the Harvard Business School.
Ironically, before the big hand waved his decision to stay food, he was elected in the Harvard city was a waste of food research topics, and enthusiastically a school is 4 years.
Four years in the high-end institutions, he came into contact with the latest situation of food waste the most first-hand information.

"While 14 percent of households in the United States are struggling to get enough food, the United States is the world 's worst food waste, with as much as 40 percent of the food supply coming into bins.
The annual food waste of nearly 200 billion US dollars, an average of a family will be drained half a ton of food each year.
"This is terrible,
I had never realized before,
Including the United States, including many of the world's population,
But also not enough food and clothing,
One in nine people in the world is hungry for a long time. "

Food waste to such a serious,
Means that is not our lack of production capacity,
Reduce hunger is not to produce more food,
But to better preserve and distribute our food.
The reference to the preservation of food, of which there is a serious misleading, supermarket goods, labels or packaging will indicate the shelf life.
Long-term unscientific propaganda to let people mistakenly believe: as long as a shelf-life, food has been broken. This leads to a lot of people take care of the food phase, as long as see the shelf life, will be food drained, thrown away.
But Doug learned from his studies and past experience: "In general, food expired in one or two days or even a week, in the absence of changes in color and flavor of the case, can still be safe to eat.

Long-term reliance on shelf-life to determine food people,
It is clear that the judgment of food has been seriously lost,
And even some people according to the shape of food,
To judge the quality of food

Cucumber every 10 cm curvature of not more than 1 cm,
Cauliflower diameter can not be less than 11 cm,
The direct consequence of this is:
Suppliers of those who do not meet the ugly goods all drained.
In this era of face to see, even the food is not spared.

Once the old man to open the supermarket, is so in accordance with the standard to do, now understand the waste of the truth, he bitterly, decided to do something to make up for their guilt.
He picked up his own line: open the supermarket. However, this is to open the "expired food" supermarket, the Government know that after the first jumped out against, that this will seriously threaten the health of the community.
The old Doug can only be over and over again with their own professional knowledge to lobby, the final government to let go, agree with him to try.

But that does not mean
His ideas get everyone to understand,
Some people criticize him:
The wicked rich,
Sell garbage to the poor.
These comments Doug can only endure silently,
"To know in this world,
The hardest thing is to let everyone understand you,
Not because of the voice of doubt,
As a result of unworthy food, choose to give up. "

A few months later,
Doug's expired food supermarket opened,
Originally intended to be completely free,
But taking into account the "important thing is not food,
But the dignity of the poor. "
The final decision to sell cheap.
At first few people, people carefully in the store to examine the price and quality of goods expressed doubts, and then quietly left.

Doug in order to dispel the concerns of people,
Simply set up an open kitchen in the supermarket,
Let people see how food is handled.

All the ingredients in the kitchen,
Are derived from the supermarket shelves,
People can enjoy while shopping
These so-called "expired" foods are culinary delights.

This act of kindness
Actually attracted Michelin chef
Ismail Samad resigns,
Become an ordinary employee in the kitchen.
Every day for these poor people to do food,
Compared to the rich serving the Michelin restaurant,
For him is a particularly meaningful thing.
Fried fish pieces, just to see
As if to smell the aroma.

Even if you are a vegetarian,
We can also taste salad here.

Such an act of sincerity,
Nature has won people's trust in food quality,
Gradually the store more and more customers.
Not only difficult to live more aunt
Just work is not well-off young people at hand,
Also willing to get off work from here with some "food."

And even white-collar workers, middle class,
They do not think this is what disgraceful thing,
"Compared to the food wasted in vain,
Buy looks a little ugly but still fresh ingredients,
Why not? "
Although life is temporarily embarrassed,
But can pick in here to cheap food,
Children will not starve,
Everyone was smiling.
Happiness seems to pass,
While hiring employees,
Itself also life embarrassed,
But because of this sharing of food fun,
And every day grinning
To patronize more and more people,
So now to line up.

Store all the food from the supermarket to pick leftover food, or sell out of date expired, but the quality is still a good few days of food, there are various charitable organizations donations.

Set up shelves early in the morning every day,
Doug to do the first thing,
Is a small blackboard in the shop,
Specify the day donated institutions,
Table with sincere thanks.

The local residents are deeply in love with this supermarket,
They even take flowers to the clerk,
Thanks for their hard work.

Has never been charity,
But mutual respect
Eat rice,
Is also a warm little things,
Not because of our waste,
Let it become a difficult family luxury,
If everyone is willing to make a small change,
The world may well become another scene.
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