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Mixing Process and Production Process of Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete mixing plant equipment staff need to be familiar with the concrete mixing equipment is how to carry out concrete mixing and production processes, stirring the basic process operations include site, feeding system, feeding, operation, shutdown, safety six points, the operator should comply with four Aspects of the production process.
First, the concrete mixing station equipment staff need to be familiar with the basic points of mixing process is as follows
1, the venue to maintain clean, smooth drainage, the signal contact smooth;
2, the feeding system should prevent the aggregate into the operating mechanism; general gravel and cement can not be the same pipe trough feeding; hopper, pipe trough and other parts of the material should be unloaded every time net shall not be reserved for the next feed.
3, the feed can be used once feeding and multiple feeding, a feed is the material in accordance with a certain process sequence into the mixer, but does not allow the first cast cement, cement to avoid sticky axis; a feeding material in order to avoid the cement was water wrapped in the formation of cement balls , Should be the first cement and gravel mixing, so that after the cement dispersed, and then pouring water; repeatedly feed mixing concrete, also known as shell concrete, it is more complex feeding operation, mixing stations and mixing plants need to program Specialized processing can be achieved.
4, operation and operation of a measurement accuracy is to control, mixing time, to ensure that the process requirements; Second, check the anomalies and failures, such as leakage of the material leakage slurry leakage, etc., if abnormal and fault to timely maintenance.
5, shut down before the out of the net concrete; work is completed before the shutdown, the application of a small amount of stone and water washing mandatory concrete mixer; the same time, cleaning the mixing scene. When a sudden power failure or downtime, should be careful operation of the host in time to clean up the concrete out.
6, security Any person must comply with operating procedures and safety precautions to ensure safe production.
Second, the concrete mixing equipment operators should abide by the following production processes
1, the production must be received before the production task notice, and strictly in accordance with the contents of the implementation of the task list; when more than one task list, to be clear-headed, stirring concrete and invoice must correspond;
2, before mixing check whether the variety of materials and control of the corresponding parts, material quality can meet the requirements; check the equipment status is normal, ready.
3, the need to adjust the ratio of gravel according to water content; overshoot, feeding timing and mixing time need to be adjusted.
4, the first tank because there are mortar adhesion within the concrete mixer, consider whether to do sand, cement and stone reduction compensation.
Third, the concrete mixing plant equipment, other considerations
Concrete batching plant equipment mixing time set according to the requirements of the test personnel, in general, ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, when doped with admixture or admixture, according to the mixing method and process requirements appropriate increase in agitation Time to ensure that the quality of concrete to meet the requirements.
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