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Selection of Small Concrete Mixing Plant

Precautions for Buying  Mini Concrete Mixing Plant
   1, mixing station equipment specifications. Select the concrete mixing station should first examine the task of construction of concrete and the duration. There is to take full account of the hourly output of concrete, such as HZS35 mixing station, the theoretical productivity of 35m3 / h, but taking into account the slow feeding, feeding is timely, the control room operator proficiency and other reasons, the actual yield of basic 25-30 cubic meters, the user needs special attention;
   2, cost-effective choice. In the choice of small and medium-sized concrete mixing plant, the first need to consider the combination of its internal structure. In the selection of the host when the need to consider the construction of concrete performance indicators. Such as water conservancy projects must be forced to use mixing host. In addition, should also be based on the type of mixing concrete material selection of ingredients and storage silos; aggregate conveyor belt selection. Zhengzhou Xinfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. Main concrete mixer, concrete mixing station, stabilized soil mixing station, concrete batching machine, concrete conveying equipment, please call to discuss!

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