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Mixer how to debug

Mixer is the first to be used for concrete mixing, because the mixer equipment, widely different models, in most concrete mixer equipment, the most widely used is the drum mixer. Then the consumer in the purchase of a new mixer debugging process should pay attention to what matters? The following is the vast number of consumers to explain the details of the mixer:
First, launch the discharge organization, unloading door opening and closing should be accurate in place. Start water pump hanging water, water supply system should work properly.
Second, the closed discharge gate, then hopper to participate in the required mixture, promotion hopper. Hopper should work smoothly and can freely stop in the orbit of any direction. If the skid surface, should be the first into the pit bottom, and then adjust the brake motor on the large nut.
3, start mixing motor, two semi-axis direction of rotation should be marked with the direction of common signs, such as the wrong direction, should change the power wiring.
Fourth, check the electrical wiring and electrical components can be reliable, distribution box shell necessary to secure grounding. The power supply zero line must be handed over to the distribution box wiring board N, all pipelines should be properly placed to prevent crushing run into the formation of trouble.
Fifth, to see the smooth box and the smooth parts of the oil enough. Start mixing motor, two half-axis direction of rotation should be marked with the direction of common signs, such as the wrong direction, should change the power wiring.
Therefore, for some of the new purchase of concrete mixers, consumers often do not know how to correct debugging is better, it is very important, because the concrete mixer is an important component of the mixing station, its direct impact on the operation of good or bad To the overall situation of the mixer.
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