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Damage Judgment of Sensor in Concrete Mixing Plant

concrete mixing Plant

Sensor failure for the sensor input and output resistance changes, the concrete mixing Plant will have an impact on the normal work. How to determine the sensor damage reasons?

Intuitive method

Electronic scale of the main circuit board components more, there are many failures are due to short circuit, open circuit, poor connection plug, the tube angle welding components and other reasons. Therefore, when the weighing after the failure, should first use an intuitive feeling: as, listen, smell, touch and other methods to check the circuit board.


In the fault check, with the instrument measuring and weighing system in the fault of the scale to compare, can quickly identify the point of failure. In addition to work in the sensors, circuit boards, control transformers, if suspected sensors, circuit boards, and other components damaged, with good parts to replace, and then observe whether the results change, if the display is normal, then the alternative components has a problem. Comparison, alternative method can quickly and accurately determine the point of failure.

Short circuit and open circuit

Short-circuit method is to short-circuit a part of the circuit, multimeter test results to determine the point of failure. Open circuit method is to disconnect a part of the circuit, and then through the multimeter to measure resistance, voltage or current to determine the point of failure.


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