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Dust Control of Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete mixing Plant

Concrete mixing Plant in operation, because of its raw materials are aggregates and powder aggregate, dust problems will inevitably occur.When the dust is discharged into the air for a long time without being controlled, serious dust pollution will be caused and the environment will be adversely affected.Therefore, dust control measures is imperative.Here, the Xinfeng machinery to talk about concrete mixing plant how to effectively control the dust pollution generated?
  First of all, to establish a closed yard environment. As China's building materials industry, backward technology, sand and gravel has not been washed, high dust content, in the storage and transportation process easier to dust, so the need for yard closed management. Generally the use of color insulation board, not only to prevent the spread of dust, but also reduce the noise pollution at work.
Then, the whole station of the concrete mixing station is sealed completely.The same principle with the material field, but also the use of color insulation board to be closed.Main station structure, operation control room and conveyor should be closed.
Finally, the cement silo dust.Generally installed in the top of the cement warehouse dust collector, can effectively reduce the dust pollution.
In addition, in the concrete mixing station can increase the spiral nozzle to improve the nozzle structure, the formation of the water curtain when the water, the host of the material produced when the play a certain role in the suppression of dust.

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