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Characteristics of Concrete Mixing Plant

The concrete mixing station is composed of the mixing host, the material weighing system, the material conveying system, the material storage system and the control system. The primary principle of the concrete mixing station is cement as the cementing material,Will be gravel, lime, cinder and other raw materials for mixing, and finally made into concrete, as the wall material into the construction of production.
Concrete mixing station is divided into gravel feed, powder feed, water and admixture to feed, transfer and storage and storage of four, some of the equipment used to select the overall steel structure forging, excellent H-beam not only beautiful appearance, but also to strengthen The concrete mixing station of all structural strength, equipment installation fast, can be applied to a variety of complex terrain structure.
The equipment has excellent mixing function, the choice of mandatory double-axis forced mixing host, not only strong mixing function, for the dry hard, plastic and a variety of ratio of concrete can achieve outstanding mixing, and mixing uniform, high efficiency .
Concrete mixing plant not only has excellent mixing host, but also has a variety of sophisticated accessories, such as screw conveyors, metering sensors, pneumatic components, these components to ensure that the concrete mixing plant in the course of a high degree of reliability, accurate measurement technology and Long service life. Concrete mixing station repair and maintenance parts are equipped with a walkway or ladder, and has to meet the operating space, mixing host can be equipped with high pressure active cleaning system, with the function of oil and over-temperature active alarm function, easy to repair equipment.
 Concrete mixing station has an excellent environmental performance, in the machine work process, powder operations are in the closed system, the powder tank selection of efficient dust collector / fog spray method greatly reduces the dust pollution of the environment, concrete mixing station On the pneumatic system exhaust and discharge equipment are selected to reduce the noise muffler noise pollution equipment.

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