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Air Compressor Precautions

The normal operation of the pneumatic system can directly affect the normal production of the concrete mixing plant, because it is an important component of the majority of concrete mixing plant system components, and air compressor is the main air source device. Therefore, before use to note:

1, the concrete mixing station air compressor should be placed horizontally, fixed, well ventilated.

2, adjust the upper and lower limits of automatic air pressure switch, the pressure is too low will lead to slow cylinder action, the pressure is too high on the airway system seal adverse.

3, check the belt tension is appropriate, when the pressure belt with your fingers, belt sag about 10MM is appropriate; replace the conveyor belt should be replaced when the whole group to maintain the same degree of tension.

4, concrete mixing station check the oil level, to keep the oil level in the dipstick between the line, the oil near the line, add new oil;

5, can not stand the wind and rain, can not be exposed to the sun.

Concrete mixing station at the same time in operation Note: work, the operator should always observe the working pressure of air compressors, not allowed to exceed the rated value. Check for leaks, leak phenomenon, with or without abnormal sound, if abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop inspection.

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