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Commissioning concrete mixing plant steps

concrete mixing station
After the installation of the concrete mixing station, the concrete mixing station debugging is also an essential step, after installation and debugging can be assured that the use. Below, Xiaobian explain to you on the debugging steps.
1, when debugging the control system, first reset the emergency button, close the power switch in the electrical cabinet, turn on the branch circuit breaker, control circuit power switch, control room power switch, observe the electrical system is abnormal Phenomenon, if checked immediately;
2, open the various motor buttons, test drive motor steering is correct, if not correct should be adjusted immediately;
3, start the concrete mixing station pump, until the pressure to meet the requirements in accordance with the button marked in order to start the gas control door, check the action is flexible; for the computer to adjust the zero and sensitivity;
Check the air compressor switch is normal, barometer shows correct, the safety valve pressure adjustment to the standard range;
4, the mixer to test run to see if there abnormal sound, the various components are working properly;
5, in the belt conveyor to be run when debugging, in the operation process to check the operation of each roller is flexible, to carefully observe the belt, can not swing, deviation, milling, skidding, deformation, etc.;
6, in the debugging of concrete batching machine must be more than click the ingredients button to see if the flexibility and can configure the accuracy, and then adjust the ingredients reference.

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