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Troubleshooting of Concrete Mixing Plant

First, the mixing system: the cement, aggregate aggregate, water and additives according to a certain proportion, mixing a certain amount of time into the system of commercial concrete. Including some additional mixing machine.
Common fault phenomena are: 1,: unloading door runs sluggish 2, boring machine boring machine tripping 3, mixing machine noise, caused by the mixer machine can not run normally, directly affect the efficiency of mixing machine .
Analysis of reasons: 1, the door is not close to the discharge switch is broken, the hydraulic unit pressure is too small or the discharge door stuck 2, the mixing machine boring machine trip is too loose because the transmission belt, mixing knife gap is too large or misuse 3, mixing machine noise abnormal sound of the motor shaft abnormal sound or mixing knife deformation damage.
Treatment: 1, replace the same type of proximity switch. Hydraulic unit: lack of hydraulic oil hydraulic station, replenishment of hydraulic oil, and adjust the pressure; check whether the material around the discharge door, should be promptly cleaned. 2, adjust the transmission belt tension; timely adjust the mixing knife gap, the replacement of mixing knife; should be emergency treatment program. 3, in time to check whether the loose protective cover, bearing problems; check whether the oil follow-up; protection ring A / B with or without friction, if timely contact with the manufacturer.
Second, aggregate transport system:
Is the measurement of the aggregate transported to the temporary storage of the measurement layer of the process. Including conveyor belts and feed belt conveyor and other accessories. Common failure phenomenon: belt machine load or load operation, the phenomenon of partial run or belt load operation slipping, caused by leakage of materials, equipment, abnormal wear and tear, reducing the efficiency of commercial concrete station.
Reason Analysis: the external force on the belt in the direction of the belt width of the resultant force is not zero or perpendicular to the belt width direction of the tensile stress caused by uneven, resulting in belt run for many reasons, it should be in the design, production, installation, Maintenance and other aspects to solve the belt run; belt in heavy or rainy days skid, mainly active roller and belt friction coefficient is small, the initiative to the belt roller belt torque is small, the belt will appear slippery.
Treatment method: 1, adjust the tension mechanism: apply to the belt running, run in the same direction to the partial run or left and right side without a fixed direction, indicating belt relaxation or tension on both sides of the belt, adjust the belt tensioning mechanism , So that the normal operation.
2, adjust the drum method: apply to the belt at the initiative roller at the partial run, indicating the initiative to install the drum is not horizontal or vertical belt width direction, should adjust the active drum level and parallelism.
3, adjust the bracket bracket method: to adapt to the belt when the total side run to the side of the load, the belt should run near the roller bracket in the direction of belt running forward adjustment 1 --- 2cm, or another Side of the roller bracket height 0.5 --- 1cm, you can also run the belt at the appropriate increase in the rack.
4, remove sticky material law: apply to the belt in the running for some time, due to sand, stone and other attachments attached to the drum surface, making the drum where the diameter increases, resulting in uneven stress, the belt run , You should promptly clean up the adhesion.
5, adjust the belt method: If the belt edge wear serious, or adhesive joints are not parallel, the belt on both sides of Larry uneven, should be promptly repaired or replaced.
6, the installation of self-aligning roller, limit roller method: the installation of several groups of self-aligning roller (flat roll or groove roller) can automatically correct the phenomenon of belt run; increase the limit roller, the belt run Rack installation, can force the belt reset.
7, increase the friction: ① increase the belt tension body and adjust the adjustment of the belt tensioning screw, thereby increasing the friction. ② In the active drum coating layer cut straight groove, increasing the friction coefficient. ③ adjust the drive drum near the tension roller, the belt in the drum to increase the package angle, thereby increasing the friction.

Third, aggregate ingredients system:
Failure phenomenon: Blower pneumatic door shut down or not open.
Analysis: Batching machine pneumatic door has a large gap door and small gap door, small clearance door gap is generally between 5 --- 10mm, stone stuck into the gap or the outlet wear, the gap is too large when the stones stuck, And the formation of wedge force, so that the door does not open or close lax; the other case, when the aggregate in the foreign body (such as branches), the card into the outlet, the material door closed lax.
Check the pneumatic door clearance, adjust to a reasonable gap.
If the gap caused by wear is too large, you need to increase in the export of steel plate or round steel, the gap to a reasonable value.
If the foreign body is stuck into the discharge port, clean the foreign matter in time (pay attention to safety), and check if the filter in the storage hopper is damaged and repaired in time.
Fourth, powder storage, transportation system:
Failure phenomenon: 1, screw conveyor feeding is slow or not feeding, feeding time more than two minutes. 2, bulk cement truck to the powder silo pump ash in the process, powder warehouse top powder out.
Analysis of reasons: 1, screw feeding is mainly slow material feeding silo or screw conveyor damage caused by poor. Poor material in the form of powder from the arch, the material at the mouth of the agglomeration, the material to open the butterfly valve is small, lack of material within the powder warehouse, screw conveyor damage is mainly spiral deformation of the spiral can not work properly. 2, the main situation is to take ash dust filter plug, compressed air will open the top of the safety valve, the powder into the atmosphere through the safety valve or level gauge failure Powder warehouse filled to continue feeding, there will be top open Safety valve.
Treatment: 1, open the powder storage of the broken arch device, and check whether the export of powder at the junction of caking to be promptly cleaned.
2, check the unloading butterfly valve powder material to open the point of view, and open to a reasonable position to ensure that the material flow.
3, check the screw conveyor blade is deformed, such as deformation, you need to remove the correction or replacement.
4, check the top of the dust filter cartridge dust situation and clean up.
5, if the powder warehouse to take the top gray situation, clean up the powder material around the top of the warehouse safety valve, and check the reliability of the material level meter and full alarm device.
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