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The significance of various types of concrete mixing plant and its interpretation method

Concrete mixing plant is a mixing concrete equipment, mixing station specifications are based on the size of the material to name, for example: HZS120. 120 cubic meters per hour for the material. Common specifications of the mixing station are: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS150, HZS180, HZS240, and so on. Group code HZ for the concrete mixing plant, HL for the concrete mixing plant; number of units installed with Arabic numerals standard, single machine can be omitted; mixer type code S for the double horizontal axis, D for the single horizontal axis, T planetary, W for the vortex F is tapered inclined discharge type, Z is tapered reversal discharge type; main parameter code is productivity, unit m3 / h;
H Z S 180
among them:
⑴ H- denotes concrete
(2) Z- stands for the mixing station, if the mixing building is indicated by the letter L
(3) S-said that the configuration of the mixer (host) for the mandatory double-decker machine, if the mandatory single-axis machine with the letter D said
⑷ 180 - said a 3m3 mixer in theory a minute out of a 3m3 ash, one hour 60 minutes, playing ash 60 times, the corresponding output of concrete is 3 × 60 = 180 m3.
If "2" is added before these symbols, it means that the mixing station is configured as double unit (double line). For example, 180 stands for 2HZS360.
In fact, a HZS180 concrete mixing plant production line in general, output 180m3 of concrete per hour can not be. In the GB / T10171 provides periodic mixing station if the use of forced mixer, the number of working cycles: the host is 1.5m3 ~ 2m3, it should be ≥ 40 times / h to configure 2m3 120 stations, for example, the minimum Ash content should be ≥ 80m3 / h, and when the host is greater than 2m3 to 4m3, it should be ≥ 35 times / h.
Mixing station products are ready-mixed (fresh) concrete, the so-called ready-mixed concrete mixing by the concrete mixing station, without compaction of the qualified homogeneous concrete, commonly known as commercial concrete. The so-called homogeneous concrete refers to the concrete mortar density relative error of not more than 0.8%, per unit volume of concrete coarse aggregate quality of the relative error of not more than 5% of the concrete.
Mixing plant and mixing the main difference is: Mixing station is divided into the main building and storage of aggregate storage. If the storage of aggregate position shift into the stirring on the main building, is the mixing floor. Statistically speaking, the number of customers to build mixing stations to build much more than mixing plant. The reason is that the construction of mixing stations with a small total investment, construction time is short.
Concrete mixing station:

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