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Good summer rain Lightning concrete mixing station ready

1. At the top of the body and the concrete mixing station cement silo installation of a lightning rod. A mixing station equipment, where there is the highest four meters, and the production plant to more in the open, but a thunderstorm formed, very likely to cause damage, especially at the top and the top of the mixing station cement silo on the apparatus main body, which It is a very dangerous situation. Install lightning rod is a skill, it must ensure that the top of the device with an insulating layer to ensure insulation and lightning equipment body, otherwise it will cause damage to the device.
2. When necessary, you can give the whole upper part covered sun network. Sunscreen network not only sunscreen, but also pull and rain, reducing the likelihood of rainwater infiltrated inside the machine, and there are anti-static and lightning function.
3. Once the thunderstorms, the operator please try not to work outside the home, and the room to power and gas cuts, to ensure zero power.
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