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the reason and solution of bad conveying for concrete pump

1, the reasons causingSelection of proportion of

(1) does not conform to the requirements of the workability of concrete pumping process.
(2) the cement dosage is low.
(3) the sand unreasonable and stair to match, void fraction.
(4) the mixture medium sand rate is too small, have spent big slump, concrete segregation.
(5) serious bleeding of concrete is easy to appear holding or harden (stick).
(6) the cement dosage of large concrete is easy to appear holding phenomenon.
(7) of large dosage of concrete admixture of concrete is easy to appear holding phenomenon.
(8) small sand ratio, concrete is easy to harden.
(9) concrete admixture high water reducing rate, high exudation rate, poor water retention, thickening, air-entraining effect of concrete is easy to appear holding or harden phenomenon.
2, solutions
(1) reduce the unit water use.
(2) improve the sand ratio.
(3) adding the right amount of admixture such as fly ash, reduce the dosage of cement.
(4) to reduce concrete admixture content.
(5) the increase of air-entraining concrete admixture, thickening, water function.


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