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Mixing concrete common problems and solutions

Concrete quality common fault of the prevention and control of application has become an indispensable part of the concrete construction, mixing process of concrete mixing plant in the often prone to or this or that problem, bring trouble to the construction progress and construction quality.Now is often the cause of the problem analysis of mixing concrete, and gives a series of solutions.
Pumped concrete slump loss, slump instability problem of reason and solution1, the reasons causing
(1) the concrete admixture and cement concrete slump loss caused by bad adaptability.
(2) the concrete admixture content is insufficient, retarded, plastic effect is not ideal.
(3) the hot weather, some admixtures failure at high temperature;Moisture evaporates quickly;Bubble spillover caused fresh concrete slump loss.
(4) the initial concrete slump is too small, the unit water consumption is too little.
(5) the site and mixing plant coordination is bad, make the tank car needed, traffic jam, time is too long, lead to concrete slump loss is too big.
(6) concrete mixing measurement error is large, the weighing system was unstable.
(7) the coarse and fine aggregate moisture content changes.
(8) cement mixing warehouse storage, mixed use.
2, solutions
(1) adjust the formula of concrete admixtures, to make it compatible with cement.Before construction, be sure to do concrete admixtures and cement adaptability test.
(2) adjust the concrete mixture ratio, increase or reduce the sand ratio and water consumption, adjust the concrete initial slump to more than 200 mm.
(3) adding suitable amount of fly ash to replace partial cement.
(4) the right amount increase dosage of concrete admixture, admixture of adjustment of condensed (especially in temperature is much higher than normal temperature).
(5) to prevent moisture to evaporate too fast, bubbles spillover too fast.
(6) is chosen or pozzolana cement slag cement.
(7) to improve the concrete carrier of water and cooling device.
(8) the precision of the measuring equipment shall meet the relevant provisions, and has a valid certificate, issued by the legal metrology department strengthen self-checking, ensure measurement accuracy.
(9) to strengthen the aggregate moisture content inspection, change, timely adjust the mixing proportion.
(10) into the library cement should press manufacturers, varieties and label storage, use, respectively.
3, summarize experience
Especially for pumping concrete pumping and pouring underwater concrete pile foundation concrete slump loss problem.Through learning test summarizes a set of solution to the problem combined with the actual situation.Such as communication admixture manufacturers to improve and adjust the admixture of slow condensed;Adjusting the construction time of concrete, try to avoid not in high temperature circumstance construction;In the case of poor construction road traffic road far adopting admixtures secondary feeding;Use of concrete with high volume of fly-ash is construction, etc.Make the vexed question of concrete slump loss, get bigger.Whatever the reason lead to the slump caused not pumping or smaller to meet the construction requirements we can use the slump of admixtures to adjust to the slump, put an end to arbitrary water increase slump of bad habits radically determine the quality of the concrete.
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