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The environment protection and energy-saving work of our concrete mixing plant.

Recently, Zhengzhou Xinfeng machinery factory is very busy producing machines, we changed, some are busy welding the batching machine, some are spraying the equipment, some are busy loading the goods.At this point, we have heard from the sales department, a few days ago, the installed HZS120 concrete mixing plant has formally put into production, according to our user’s needs,Our company designed the mixing plant of energy conservation and environmental protection and met the environmental protection requirement. for the customer in Nanyang,Henan province.HZS120 concrete mixing plant has larger output, which is suitable for making commercial concrete, It can meet the demand of urban materials.
Environmental protection has become an important subject in the process of the city's economic development today.One of the main purpose of the development of ready-mixed concrete is to reduce pollution and it is environmentally friendly at the same time.The construction of modern concrete mixing plant must give full attention to the environment.Environmently friendly is one of the content that must be checked when completed the built of a modern mixing plant.It is also a basic requirement of building the mixing station with civilization.The standard of environmental protection for mixing plant is mainly to control dust,waste water, noise, and solid waste effectively.
First, the dust control.Outdoor ballast factory has always been one of the main pollution sources of concrete mixing plant, in order to completely solve the problem, the fully enclosed sand bunker scheme is adopted, with double arch color plates closed bin, it not only greatly reduced the dust and noise pollution,but also make the surrounding environment indexes reach the standard level 2.Another source of dust is the feeding inlet of mixing floor, so we adopted the full-close mixing to eliminate dust further, It also need to add the color steel plate surface and seal the dust mouth space.Add two symmetrical water injection pipe in the cement and admixture dog-house to prevent the spread of dust.
Second, waste water disposal and concrete waste recycling.We can introduce advanced concrete reclaimer and use the tilting rotary screw within the cylinder system and extract the debris with diameter of 0.15 mm in the concrete of the solid material, and through the screening to realize the separation of sand, stone, wash water and introduce mixer water supply system for the use of concrete production.The customer can also buy cleaning device outside the vehicles for external cleaning vehicles.This allows the washing inside the tank car in brush pot and the outside washing at the same time and complete vehicle chassis cleaning, and the washing water can also be implemented with the slurry water reuse in concrete production.
Third, the noise control.Noise mainly comes from the equipment, the selected equipment optimized through the configuration,the noise of the equipment is small, with the device’s use  and strengthen the maintenance and repair.We can prolong the service life of equipment and reduce noise pollution.According to the actual situation,We can also set partition wall and isolation belt.
Today, The smog is more and more serious, many enterprises began to develop in the direction of the energy conservation and environmental protection, Zhengzhou Xinfeng machinery also follow the market trends to develop green mixing station and it is popular and gain the trust of our customers .
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