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The analysis of the reasons and solutions of the journal sticking phenomenon of concrete mixer.

The Spring Festival of 2016 is coming in several days,some enterprises have already took their holidays,however,Zhengzhou Xinfeng machinery company arrange their worker to work overtime in the following days to complete the production plan before the Spring Festival.Recently, The independent design and production of four js1000 concrete mixer of our company are officially finished and we are preparing to delivery them to our customer in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.JS1000 concrete mixer with PLD1600 batching machine and other equipment formed a complete set of HZS50 or 60 mixing plant.In general, JS500/750 concrete mixer can be used alone, but the degree of automation is low, the concrete mixing plant consists of JS1000 and the larger ones with the matching batching machine have high automatic degree and the output is large and it’s more easy to operate.
Zhengzhou Xinfeng machinery keeps up with the market development trends. The model of the double shafts horizontal forced type concrete mixer is complete.It can satisfy the needs of different users.Concrete mixer is main equipment of mixing plant.If there are problems of the mixer,it will affect the whole production line.According to many users, at present, the main concrete mixing machine will have "journal sticking" phenomenon in the working process.If you don't stop in time to clear it, the journal sticking concrete will be more and more.This could trigger a problem of blender motor failure due to overload locked-rotor.Next,I will make a detailed introduction of the reasons of this problem and its solution.
1.The design of the feeding device is not reasonable.For example,the unreasonable cement and fly ash inlet position and direction could make a large part of powder into the shaft so that the powder bond to form "journal sticking" phenomenon on the shaft.The solution is that while designing the feeding device,the cement and fly ash inlet position should be between two stirring shaft and the cutting angle along the axial direction of the mixer.At the same time, linking a elliptical rubber tube below the feeding inlet and make the mixing arm just reached to the rubber tube.
2.The flush point location and flushing direction is not correct or the flushing pressure is too low.When we washing the tank, the concrete on the mixing machine is hard to wash and formed the "journal sticking" phenomenon.The solution is that in the manufacturing process of mixer, we should ensure the installation position of spray and the welding position to achieve the correct positioning of the flushing and washing.In the process of the design of the mixing plant water supply system, in order to ensure the reliability of the washing pressure, we can add the washing special pump or use the high level cistern.
3.Mixing drum capacity utilization ratio is unreasonable,the small size of the volume utilization will expose the concrete mixing axis above the concrete, the concrete adhered will not be stirred and solidified on the shaft and form the "journal sticking" phenomenon.The solution is that in the process of the design of the mixing console,we should guarantee reasonable capacity utilization and make quantitative concrete in the mixing process, the stirring shaft was inside the concrete flood, shaft surface were affected by the impact and friction unceasingly which makes concrete to caking and solidified in shaft surface,.This will effectively solve the "journal sticking" phenomenon.
Concrete mixing process is a very complicated process, the causes of the "journal sticking" phenomenon is diverse.This requests us not only to do optimization in the design of the mixing system, feeding device, water supply system of the mixer, but also for equipment operators to pay more attention to the specification of the reasonable use and maintenance to ensure that the equipment can run safely and reliably.This will improve the service life of the equipment at the same time.
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